CompuKit UK101

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In the late 70’s I convinced my parents to buy me a CompuKit UK101 (see The kit arrived, minus ROMs, and I put it all together, soldering the sockets, resistors, capacitors etc.

Then waited for the ROMs. Promises were made and broken, letters of complaint written and… eventually the ROMs arrived. I plugged them in, and nervously switched it on. I was greeted by the boot up page and I had my first home computer!


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I’ve heard the acronym STEM until recently…

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

I’ve become a STEM Ambassador. I’ve talked to school kids about having a career in STEM. My first session was a careers dating event where about six kids ask questions trying to guess what I do, then I talk about what I’ve done. This goes on for about two hours and you see a lot of different groups.

The second was more of a careers fair where I represented myself as someone in a STEM career and talked about it. I got a lot of interest when they found out I’d worked in the games industry!

Future Worlds

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How could I forget this one…

FutureWorlds mentor

My first degree is from Southampton University, so I went back there to talk about some of the things I’ve done over the years.

Game Off 2017

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I’ve never done a game jam before, so this is my first!

The theme is “throwback”.

Well, I remember a game I played a long time ago. It was like asteroids but… not like it. It had colourful explosions that filled the screen and was crazy to watch. It also had black holes.

So, I’ve decided to do something similar. I’ve called it WakiZoids. Here’s a few screenshots from the game in progress:


and another…


This one has the “ACME Tracking” display. A simple radar showing you objects of interest. The original asteroids had rocks and one spaceship. I’m going for loads of rocks, lots of spaceships of varying types, beasties, sentinel ships… hyperspace?

All in one month?



The world is made of tiles

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The World is made of Tiles

An application I put together with Delphi Seattle 10 for 64 bit Windows. Should run on MacOS etc…

The Apple tax

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Both Android and Apple charge a yearly fee to get apps onto their respective stores. There is a big difference…

To get an Android app onto my own devices for testing, no problem. I can build and APK and get it onto the phone, then install it.

To do the same on iOS… you have to pay Apple’s developer fee.

I release a free app on either platform, I pay for it.

So where’s the incentive to release a free app for either platform?

Fill the app with adverts?

Sample synthesiser with JUCE and STK

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Here’s a copy of the sample synth running on android, with resized window