more test prints

Worked out I hadn’t put a final jumper on the Duet board, so it was drawing power from USB. Once that was done, I plugged in a network cable and can see the printer on my home network.

Getting better at printing. I adjusted the Z height to 1mm above what I measured and things are much better. I also switched on the bed levelling compensation. Now my 20x20x20 cube is correct. My next problem is the print lifting off the bed, it doesn’t seem to stick too well.

Here are some hollow test cubes:

cube prints

The left hand one had too low Z height and no bed compensation – hence the squashed look! The second from the left had the Z height raised by 1mm, but no bed compensation. The last two had the Z height raised and bed compensation, and they do come out as 20x20x20 cubes.

Here are some more test prints:

more prints

The flange on the left started lifting off the front left edge, as did both of the other objects. The ring in the center is worst affected.

You can find the designs for these objects here:


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