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Wakizoids: Trader

Posted in Games, Godot on 04/07/2020 by imekon8

Still working in Godot, a space trading game based on Asteroids but with aliens, mining ships, planets etc.


This uses a parallax object to achieve infinite starfields.



Posted in .NET, C#, Melody Mine, Music, Programming, Windows, WPF on 04/07/2020 by imekon8

I’ve started writing a new tool to help generate MIDI output. The song part consists of chunks of patterns that get output to MIDI when play is activated.


Patterns describe the notes to output:


These are notes – but not as you’d know them. The scale and mode (see the top) describe which notes get used (in this case C Major). That way any notes you play are always “musical” as the scale isn’t chromatic (i.e. all the twelve notes) but on a scale.