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Game Off 2017

Posted in Games, Godot, Programming on 08/11/2017 by imekon8

I’ve never done a game jam before, so this is my first!

The theme is “throwback”.

Well, I remember a game I played a long time ago. It was like asteroids but… not like it. It had colourful explosions that filled the screen and was crazy to watch. It also had black holes.

So, I’ve decided to do something similar. I’ve called it WakiZoids. Here’s a few screenshots from the game in progress:


and another…


This one has the “ACME Tracking” display. A simple radar showing you objects of interest. The original asteroids had rocks and one spaceship. I’m going for loads of rocks, lots of spaceships of varying types, beasties, sentinel ships… hyperspace?

All in one month?



Rethinking FX with Melody Mine

Posted in Android, iPad, JUCE, Melody Mine, Programming, Sound on 25/05/2014 by imekon8

Instead of four global FX, instead I’m going for 4 FX slots per instrument. You can build a simple chain of FX that way.

instruments with multiple fx

Sample Browser

Posted in JUCE, Programming, Sound, Windows on 24/03/2014 by imekon8

sample browser

Melody Mine in wxWidgets (the old one)

Posted in Melody Mine, Music, Programming, Sound, wxWidgets on 01/02/2014 by imekon8


Created with wxWidgets.

Melody Mine, Patterns

Posted in JUCE, Melody Mine, Music, Programming, Sound, Windows on 01/02/2014 by imekon8


Pattern editing

Melody Mine… in JUCE!

Posted in JUCE, Melody Mine, Programming, Sound, Windows on 01/02/2014 by imekon8


Melody Mine rewritten with JUCE. The Song page.

My first day at Codies

Posted in C#, Programming, Sound with tags , on 01/12/2013 by imekon8

My desk sat facing three offices in the sound engineers corridor. I could hear machine guns firing, as one guy worked on Flashpoint.

Behind me was a voice booth. Another engineer was recording sound effects for a horror game called Jericho.

So, machine guns in front, screaming behind me. Sound engineers play things LOUDLY. I had a headache at the end of my first week!