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I’ve heard the acronym STEM until recently…

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

I’ve become a STEM Ambassador. I’ve talked to school kids about having a career in STEM. My first session was a careers dating event where about six kids ask questions trying to guess what I do, then I talk about what I’ve done. This goes on for about two hours and you see a lot of different groups.

The second was more of a careers fair where I represented myself as someone in a STEM career and talked about it. I got a lot of interest when they found out I’d worked in the games industry!


Future Worlds

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How could I forget this one…

FutureWorlds mentor

My first degree is from Southampton University, so I went back there to talk about some of the things I’ve done over the years.

The world is made of tiles

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The World is made of Tiles

An application I put together with Delphi Seattle 10 for 64 bit Windows. Should run on MacOS etc…

The Apple tax

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Both Android and Apple charge a yearly fee to get apps onto their respective stores. There is a big difference…

To get an Android app onto my own devices for testing, no problem. I can build and APK and get it onto the phone, then install it.

To do the same on iOS… you have to pay Apple’s developer fee.

I release a free app on either platform, I pay for it.

So where’s the incentive to release a free app for either platform?

Fill the app with adverts?

Sample synthesiser with JUCE and STK

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Here’s a copy of the sample synth running on android, with resized window

Tune Racoon

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I’ve always wanted a groove box, but I wanted one done my way. So, here’s my attempt:


Across the top is a multi-oscillator – currently three generators, sine, saw and square. I think I’m going to drop the sine and have two saws and a square. There’s a standard envelope generator and a filter one, plus an echo effect. I got the filter from here: The echo effect I created myself.

I use a seven note system with scale and mode configured – so any notes are in tune. Also the chord sequence at the bottom adjusts the notes accordingly.

Space scenes

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Getting back into raytracing again. Had a look at my scene editor – did I write it 17 years ago! o_O

starry sky